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Statistics• Place Type: Kibbutz/Moshav
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From whenst they came

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Kibbutz Nir Oz

Israel Middle East
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Nederweedeweedeweeeeeeed... read on.
Posted by: David Westra Comments: 0

Hi Ben dude, i hope to reach you out here at this way, very hard to get in touch through this site, don't know if they print an email adress. but i'll try....see you ... read on.
Posted by: David Westra Comments: 0

I was at Kibbutz Nir Oz in 1974 with another American named Joe Knittle....I remember wonderful times around the fire listening to guitar and swimming in the wonderful swimming pool, working in the fields, and ... read on.
Posted by: Kristina Wright Comments: 0

Kibbutz was the best, all that lovely Lindt chocolate, great fresh food and Amstel beer. We used to lie in front of our cabins, play games, chat and look up to the sky and see ... read on.
Posted by: Jan Skardon Comments: 0

Hi Gilead, I was the original Miss Sabbaba (Parvene and I both chose the name!). I am talking to you through my friend Nicole as I dont have the internet at home. What happened to ... read on.
Posted by: Nicole Mamo Comments: 2

Hi I am looking for anyone who was on (or lived on) Kibbutz Nir Oz from May 1993 until 1994. Would love to hear from you especially anyone from the Garin, any long lost volunteers ... read on.
Posted by: Helen Gillett Comments: 2

I am an artist seeking a man named Haim who lives somewhere on Kibbutz Nir Oz . . . I have a project I think he would be very interested in hearing about. He was ... read on.
Posted by: Sarah Adina Comments: 1

Please post those special moments and messages here... read on.
Posted by: Lostamigos Admin Comments: 1


VOTES RESULTS FOR COUNTRY the furteh back in time you go the highe up the waste ourt shortys were . today they atre round our butt cheks so we calculate that in fiv yearsd time... short will be round our ancle which has been a fashoin for some lostamigo for some time

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