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1967 was a helluva year because: and we shuffled our feet to "" Download Now
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Kibbutz Gvaram (Gvar'am) 1967

Israel Middle East
Kibbutz Gvaram Amigos 1967. Recognise anyone?
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Hi, This message is basically for anyone who was a volunteer on Kibbutz Maoz hayim in the years 1985,86,87. and remembers me there during that time. I worked mainly in the kitchen but also did ... read on.
Posted by: Grahame Weston Comments: 0

Hi, I was on the kibbutz between the years 1981-1994 (on and off that is). Anyone who may remember me during that time as a volunteer please get in touch and "CHAT" over old time's.... read on.
Posted by: Grahame Weston Comments: 2

Hi all of you volunteers that remember the infamous kibbutz Gvaram in times of Wankers and cheap Vodka. Don't hesitate to send me an email, I'd love to get in touch! Envelopes? Never again!... read on.
Posted by: Bjorn Blonk Comments: 1

Lately remembering all the good times in the envelope factory and the party shifts. But also the bonfires and the U2's and the Danish guitar player and the kibbutz tours and the food and the ... read on.
Posted by: Yolande Vlok Comments: 0

It's all set... We're having a reunion for all those ex volleys who were on Gvaram 10 years ago in 1995. It's in Brighton, It's the last weekend in July and it's going to be ... read on.
Posted by: Su Leighton Comments: 0

salut les "ex volotaires" un petit coucou de france je salut tous les kibbuzimes qui se souviendront de Pierre Lancauchez Dganit Rosenom, Janette, André, Boas, enfi à tous les gents…... read on.
Posted by: Lancauchez Pierre Comments: 2

Hi All, This message is for all of you ex volleys who were on Gvaram in 1995. As you know next year it will be 10 years since those hazy, vodka fuelled, envelope packing days ... read on.
Posted by: Su Leighton Comments: 0

To all the guys I met in Gvaram, hope all of you are doing well.If anyone is ever in London 2004 or Cambridge 2006 e-mail me to meet for a drink of the beloved vodka ... read on.
Posted by: Terry Ash Comments: 0

Had the greatest time, mostly doing the dishes, but still! Stayed for almost 6 months and found many dear friends, unfortunately I´ve lost contact with some of them, but who knows, maybe I will find ... read on.
Posted by: Maria Nero Comments: 3

Hi Su hope y well there is a photo of you guys in 'Internet User' mag Feb 2004, they didn't quite get your story but... enjoy…... read on.
Posted by: Tim Deighton Comments: 0

Hi everyone, OK, Time for another reunion don't you think? I havn't organised anything yet but how does Saturday 3rd April sound??? Probably in London but any suggestions would be very welcome. Let me know ... read on.
Posted by: Su Leighton Comments: 0

had a great time picking pears and moving chickens at night... read on.
Posted by: Steve Rawnsley Comments: 1

Shalom , I was on Kibbutz Gvaram for 7 months in 1995. The best time of my life! In Large!!! In the last year I have tracked down and am back in touch with around ... read on.
Posted by: Su Leighton Comments: 8


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